Cinnamon and Your Health

“Cinnamon” has a close relationship with humankind from the very early stage. Ancient people used its aromatic, medicinal and preservative elements for various uses. Early and late Biblical records states that cinnamon has used for ointment preparation as well as fragrance. It was clearly mentioned in the Bible under articles related to “Mosses” as well as King Solomon’s songs.

Ceylon cinnamon is a major verity of cinnamon. This cinnamon is variety native to Sri Lanka, It was considered as a main trade spice in history. During the regiments of ancient Kings’, the best cinnamon was selected and traditionally trained workers only allowed involving in the peeling process. Even today the best cinnamon peeling secrets and techniques was inhabited from those generations and it is highly effecting for the quality of the Sri Lankan Cinnamon among other countries.

Mainly cinnamon has two verities depending on origin of the source. Both are from Lauraceae botanical family. The most recognized and valued verity is “Ceylon Cinnamon” – Cinnamomum verum / Cinnamomum zeylanicum (CZ). And the common and cousin verity is “Cinnamomum Cassia“. While Ceylon cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka, the cassia type is common in many countries do to the productivity of several

Healthy Habits That Make You Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

There’s plenty of material out there, exhorting the value of a healthy lifestyle, to maintain good health. However despite all this, people fail to follow through on their resolutions. Why is it so? You do not need any of the fad diets to maintain an optimum level of health. Basically it comes down to this:

Eat less, eat right, exercise more, reduce stress, maintain a positive mental attitude, cut down on alcohol, and get rid of the smoking habit, that’s it!

Human beings are creatures of habit, and as the saying goes, we make our habits, and our habits make us.

If you keep doing something daily, and deliberately, on a consistent basis for 6 weeks or more, and you make it fun, it becomes a habit.

So what are the habits that help you reach your objective?

1. Diet:- Cut down/eliminate junk food (fries, burgers)/sugary drinks, which if consumed on a consistent basis could lead to obesity, heart and blood vessel problems, to name a few.

2. Eat a bowl of freshly cut vegetables daily (carrots, beets, tomatoes, and cucumbers)- the more colorful the vegetables, the better. They contain high levels of antioxidants which are healthy.

Cut the vegetables, and place them in a bowl

Vitamin C – Unique Benefits of Ascorbic Acid That You Don’t Know

Most of us know that Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid plays a vital role in strengthening our immune system. It is very important that we do not neglect eating foods rich in Vitamin C or even Vitamin C food supplements because they help us fight diseases and keep our body strong and healthy. However, aside from protecting our body and boosting our immunity, what else can we get from Vitamin C? To help you discover how amazing Vitamin C is, here’s a list of unique benefits you get when making it part of your diet (and even on your BEAUTY REGIME):

It helps the skin repair faster

One of the incredible powers of the human body is the ability to repair itself. You’ve probably experienced scraping your knee and watching it gradually heal itself after a few weeks. While our body indeed can repair skin damages on its own, we can actually help it by taking Vitamin C. According to studies conducted by clinical researchers, Vitamin C helps skin repair faster. It also plays an integral role in preventing DNA mutation which in the long run, helps your body fight diseases and bacteria.

It helps you fight depression

Feeling a little low after

How Much Is Too Much Protein?

Everyone has the mindset where we believe that the more protein the better right? But in this case, is more really better after a workout? We have all been there when you’ve just finished a workout and the first thing you know you’re supposed to ingest is protein and lots of it! We want to maximize our protein synthesis and build our lean muscle so we believe that ingesting protein in large quantities will benefit us. I mean, protein helps build muscle and ultimately that’s what were aiming for isn’t it? I know I’ve gone home from the gym and had more than enough protein to fill up two grown men because I thought that it would give me the muscles I was yearning for however, new research shows that too much protein could actually be bad for you.

There’s a study called “Myofibrillar muscle protein synthesis rates subsequent to a meal in response to increasing doses of whey protein at rest and after resistance exercise” which states that 40 grams of protein after a workout is actually not beneficial whereas 20 grams seems to be the perfect amount. This study tested young men after a weight training workout with

5 Exercises That Build Muscle

When it comes to exercising, most people just focus on losing weight. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to ensure that you’re making the most of your time, and you want results to come in faster, building muscle is the key. No, you will not become a bodybuilder if you go this route. When you focus on exercises to build muscles, you will burn more fat, even if you’re not working out. Imagine sitting at home, watching television, and getting your metabolism to spike. That can be done if you focus on the right elements. The following are just 5 exercises that can accomplish this for you.

Squats With Weight

The first major thing that you can do is a simple squat. You can start without weights, but eventually, you will want to rest some weights across your shoulders, and then dip, and rise. Squats don’t just work out your legs, they help build your back, shoulders, and posterior. Done right, this can absolutely help you make gains, as well as drop fat cells faster.

The Mighty Bench Press

For those that want to build muscle and burn fat, this is one of the best things that you can do.

Building Muscle – Setting Your Calorie Intake For Lean Muscle Mass Gain

If you have a goal to build more lean muscle mass, one step you will want to take is to make sure you take into account your calorie intake. While it’s great to get to the gym and…

  • focus on lifting heavy,
  • doing all the strength training exercises you know are critical to success,

if you aren’t fueling your body to build new muscle, you simply won’t get very far.

So how does one go about building more lean muscle mass? Let’s go over what you need to know about setting your calorie intake for lean mass gains…

Step One: Identify Your Maintenance Requirements. The very first thing you’ll want to do is identify your maintenance needs. Basically, how many calories do you need in a given day to just maintain your body weight?

If you do not know this, it’s time to start tracking your calories. Once you do, you’ll have a place to start. Until you know how many calories you need daily to maintain your body weight, you will not know where to start from to start seeing muscle mass gains.

Step Two: Add 100 to 250 Calories Per Day To Your Eating Plan. The next step is to begin adding 100 to

3 Common Workout Mistakes Beginners Make In The Gym

Trying to pack on some serious muscle mass at the gym? Stop! You’re probably doing it all wrong. There are 3 common workout mistakes that you need to know before you go any further. Once you know these bodybuilding hacks, you’ll have a competitive advantage over other newbies in the gym. Read on to find out what they are.

1. You’re rushing things in the gym

Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you want to get seriously jacked, patience is key. Devising a proper workout plan is a good place to start but if you’re rushing things in the gym and not focusing on proper form, you could be losing out on newbie gains (the amount of muscle you build when you first start working out).

Even worse, you could be putting your body at risk if you’re training with weights that are just too heavy for you.

Here’s the thing: When you start training, your connective tissue probably can’t take the strain if the weights you’re using are too heavy. The solution? Start off slow and take your time.

Here are some top tips for newbies when it comes to weight training:

+ It’s an age-old cliche but bodybuilding is a marathon, not

Healthy Living For Many People

A lot of people would like to know what it means to live healthy. There are many factors that have to do with this lifestyle as it affects many aspects of us. It is really something that we would be able make sure that you can live a better life before you end up giving up. Sometimes, a lot of people are really able to make sure that they are capable of doing these things. There are many ways to do this.

There are many resources that one may use for this such as magazines or online articles. These have really great ways to see why they need to have this lifestyle and change their life. It’s also a lot of work but one should really know why they need to do this. It’s also imperative that they be able to make sure that they are really doing it for their health. So, make sure that you know what you are looking for and where to find it.

The many aspects of healthy living cover mental, emotional, and of course, physical state which affect our daily life. Many people also realize that there are many things that they can do to

Exercises and Workouts – How To Improve Your Shoulder Press In Four Easy Steps

One of the most important exercises in your upper body workout is the shoulder press. This compound exercise is designed to hit the front deltoids, the side deltoids, and will even hit the rear deltoids to a small degree as well. What’s more is the triceps and core will come into play as they help you with executing the movement pattern. Your shoulders and arms press the weight over your head, while your legs, lower back, and abs assist you in balance.

The shoulder press is one of the best exercises to build strong, muscular and healthy shoulders together with bigger arms. Unfortunately, though, many people go about performing this powerful move entirely wrong. Do it incorrectly and it’s just an injury waiting to happen.

Let’s look at how you can improve your shoulder press in just four easy steps…

Step 1: Contract Your Abs. First things first, you need to stabilize your spinal column. Stabilizing your spinal column is going to be best done by contracting your abs as hard as you can during the pressing movement. Don’t decide to wait to contract your abs when the weight is above you.

As you do this, you’ll develop more strength and power, which

Great Ways to Appreciate Your Body Shape and Keep Motivated to Workout

It is hard to find motivation to stay on top of our exercise routines if we constantly think that a particular sized body shape is the only one we should emulate the look of. Quite frankly that typical body shape which is still largely projected in the main stream media only serves to fuel a certain resentment towards our own natural body shapes and sizes. Perhaps what is most detrimental is the effect this can have on our own motivation to achieve a fitter healthier and happy self.

We owe it to ourselves to appreciate our own body type and no matter how much we exercise or lose weight, we are largely confined within the realms of particular body types and these have a bearing on not only how we look, but they also give us an idea of how we may respond to food intake, metabolism and our diet and training. So don’t be disheartened if you sometimes feel like no matter how much you have exercised and have lost weight, you are don’t look like that model in a magazine.

There are three general categories of body types that we generally fall under: Ectomorphs are naturally skinny with lean